Friday, 5 July 2013

tunnel vision

NB. tunnelvision is no longer in operation

Location: The underpass of the fountain roundabout, Hobart
Phone: 0439 347 153
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7am - 1.30pm

Adults menu: Take-away coffee/hot drinks, plus a small menu featuring WAM (Wrap A Mash) try one!
Prices: $3.30 for a small coffee 

Mumma Review:

After a few weeks back in the paid work force (yes the paid work force, notice I didn't just say "work", since all mumma's work the unpaid, on-call 24/7 job of being a mummy don't you know!), I finally got my act together enough to not only get myself and two kids out the door by 7am, and do the childcare drop off, but also make it into the city with enough time to park and walk to work.   

As I trudged along on an icy Hobart morning I heard music, live music, and I could see movement and light coming from the underpass...then what to my wondrous eyes did appear?  Tunnel vision! I was so excited that I had to get myself a coffee, and post a sideways photo on facebook before rushing along to work. 

It's now a part of my weekly routine (the coffee that is, not the sideways pic posting, although I'm sure I'll do more of that too).  The coffee is great, from a barista who has been making coffees since the days of black or white being the only options. He is super friendly too, seems to know the name of nearly everyone trudging past whether they are stopping for coffee or not.  

It's an awesome set up, with seating provided if you are keen to brave the winter chill.  I'm not. Take-away only for me at this time of year!  But this cool little coffee cart sure does inject a bit of warmth and life into the underpass.  If you walk that way you will already know all about it, if you don't, it's well worth the detour. 

Love Mumma Kel x

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