About Us

Hi there, we are Al and Kel, two mumma’s in our early thirties who live in the gorgeous city of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia!  We are both mumma’s with two children each.  When we head out we have two boisterous preschool boys, a toddling girl, and a baby girl on the verge of toddling.  Child friendly cafes are a must for our posse.

We met way back in our uni days, when we would study, party and travel the world together.…fast forward 12 or so years and now our lives are more about play dates, coffee dates, and raising our bubba’s as well as juggling part-time careers as Nurses.   

We love a long chat and catch up over good coffee and tasty food, where cake is a pre-requisite according to Mumma Al!  These days our children always come along for the ride, but when feeling like sleep deprived zombie's, the last thing we want to do is go to a café that is not accommodating to our little ones.

Feeling uncomfortable when breastfeeding, dealing with bored and grumpy kids, having no place to change nappies, or even anywhere to park a pram, can turn a simple outing into a complete nightmare.

Hobart really is an amazing place to raise a family, but it is often difficult to find good advice on which cafes are most baby and kid friendly. We aim to fix that!

Our reviews will include all the essential facts: pram accessibility, baby/child facilities, kid friendly spaces and/or activities, food options as well as general info regarding location, opening times and contact information.

Join us on our quest to discover which Hobart cafes take child-friendliness as seriously as they take delicious coffee and food.

Love Al and Kel
Mumma Needs Coffee x