Friday, 8 March 2013

Cadbury Visitor Centre

Location: 100 Cadbury Road, Claremont
Phone: Toll Free - 1800 627 36718 
WebsiteCadbury Visitor Centre
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30am till 3.30pm (closed weekends & public holidays)
Admission Price:  $7.50 per adult; children under 4yrs free; family $17.50 (two adults & up to three children)

Mumma Review

Many of you will have noticed that the two of us have somewhat of a sweet tooth, so instead of our regular coffee and muffin catch-up in a local cafe this week we opted for something a little different........a trip out to the Cadbury Visitor Centre at Claremont!!  And with Easter just around the corner it was the perfect opportunity to do a little chocolate shopping - we were not disappointed!  After paying our admission fee (we even had a 2 for 1 bargin voucher from the Entertainment Book - therefore costing us a total of $7.50 for two adults and three children under 4) we were greeted by a friendly lady who handed us each a little purple bag consisting of a block of dairy milk chocolate, some small chocolate treats, a small sample pot of cocoa and a brochure on the process of chocolate making.  The boys were thrilled to receive their very own little bag and skipped off excitedly hand-in-hand to see what else the place had in store for them!

Due to occupational health and safety laws you can no longer do a factory tour of Cadbury's.  Instead the visitor center has a merchandise section, a cafe, regular information sessions presented about the process of chocolate making as well as some of the history of cadbury's and chocolate, and not forgetting the much anticipated chocolate shop! 

The boys made a bee-line for the Cadbury car and large milk cow that was on display - they could have spent hours in that car!  The cafe serves both hot and cold drinks as well as the 'famous' hot chocolate.  We both opted for a cappuccino (which on all accounts was terrible) and delicious raspberry & white chocolate muffin which tasted fresh out of the oven :)  The boys shared a strawberry milkshake and freddo from their bag - certainly a morning tea treat that had little nutritional value (we did offer some fruit and a Vegemite crusket from home which was also consumed).   
We were keen to go to the presentation on chocolate however thought 30 minutes was a bit of a stretch for our boys (especially after their morning tea!).  We opted to 'slip' in quietly to the session half way through......possibly not the best idea of the day however the boys did sit quietly for 5 or so minutes listening to the lady talk chocolate before proceeding to swap seats with each other while calling out each others name in a not so quiet voice!

Following the presentation the doors opened into the chocolate shop, and we were sucked through into the vortex.  After a whirl wind of chocolate shopping and minding little hands before they were able to grab at the temptations on the shelves, we emerged with our Easter loot.  Now all the mumma's need to do is resist those chocolate temptations that are now hiding in the back of our many days til Easter??

Love Mummas Al & Kel xx 

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