Friday, 1 March 2013

Doo-Lishus - Re-Visited

We headed down to a favourite spot recently, Doo-Lishus, at Eaglehawk Neck, for some delicious fish and chips and my all time fav berries and ice-cream!  It was the first time we had driven down to the Tasman Peninsula after the devastating fires that occurred in January.  The drive down was certainly an eye opening experience, being able to see the path that the fire took as the burnt out landscape unfolded in front of us.  Many homes along the way were still standing while others were gone, and instead tents and temporary camp-sites surrounded the spot where a home once stood.  

To our delight Doo-Lishus was open and buzzing with tourists and locals alike, keen for their weekend dose of fish and chips.  And the fish, scallops, squid rings and chips did not disappoint our little family!!  Soooooo good, it is definitely worthy of a drive down to enjoy a local lunch in a unique part of our state.  The Great Man and I rounded our meal off by sharing a Berry Delight - creamy vanilla ice-cream and pureed seasonal berries......yummy!

After our lunch we enjoyed a walk up to Pirates Bay Look-Out (an easy walk thoroughly enjoyed by our little toddler), a look around the pier at the fishing boats (another past time enjoyed by our great man) and a fun drive back through Doo-Town :)  A run and play in the sand at Eaglehawk Neck Beach finished off our drive.  Apart from a family surfing we were the only ones on the beach :)  It was utterly relaxing and very rejuvenating as I breathed in the salty fresh air and took a moment to reflect on my growing little family and how lucky we were to all be together. 

Love Mumma Al x

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