Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Moto Vecchia

Location: 35 Gordons Hill Road, Bellerive
Phone: (03) 6244 3434
Website: Moto Vecchia facebook page
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Kids menu: Not specifically
Adults menu: Italian food, with both breakfast and lunch options; fritatta, panini's, toasted sandwiches, calzone, lasagne, eggplant and zucchini fritters, antipasto, salads, and sweets, as well as gluten free options.  Nothing over $15.

Mumma Review:

Catching up with a couple of friends mid-week for a coffee used to be a relaxing affair... now it feels more like we are leading a small school excursion.  A noisy one at that.  

Last week two friends and I decided to take our kiddos (between us there are three boys aged around three, and three girls in the 6m to 1yo age bracket) for a fun outing to Rock n Rhyme at Rosny Library, followed by morning tea across the road at the relatively new Moto Vecchia. Madness!  The kids had fun.  The baby girls bopped away to the rhymes, while the boys rathered piling up the pillows to wrestle on more than anything else.  By the time we got to Moto Vecchia I really needed that coffee!

Luckily Moto Vecchia is super child friendly.  The owner let us know that she considers the cafe to be an extension of her family home, and she would like to make families feel welcome, as though she were inviting them into her own home.  The cafe is basically a homage to her family, and all the motor bikes inside, well that is basically right up a three year old boys alley.  Much time was spent admiring the bikes by my little mister, and I was instructed to photograph them all.  I wont bore you with with my photography skills, but here's a brief snap shot...

Between instructing the boys that the couches weren't for wrestling on, and that lion roaring competitions in a cafe are also a no go, we actually got them to sit still for a little while.  The cute babycinos helped

As did the owner, who brought over colouring-in pages and crayons, informing the boys that if they were very good and coloured in nicely someone would win a prize!

Mean-while, the coffee is roasted by family in Queensland.  The food is yummy, a small menu of Italian food, and they even cooked up a couple of none-menu items for the kids which was great (scrambled eggs on toast). 

My friend who is very used to coming along with me and/or Al for cafe reviews did most of the scouting for details... a cooking school, a 10% discount for Hobart Mums Network members on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They also have Happy Hour on Mondays ($2 reg coffee) and Thirsty Thursday $5 coffee and biscuit... and the boys can vouch for the biscuits, each of them were given a delicious lemon biscuit as their prize for being so "good" as we were leaving.

I think we will be hard pressed to find anywhere as accommodating to families as Moto Vecchia on the Eastern Shore.  Are there any new mums groups out there looking for somewhere to go?? 

Love Mumma Kel x

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