Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ginger Brown......revisited again!!

Apologies for the radio silence over the Easter Break and subsequent lack of reviews!  Perhaps it was all the chocolate consumed and family time enjoyed that has meant we haven't ventured out lately for our regular cafe catch-up?!

Feeling rejuvenated we headed to the park in South Hobart this morning so the little ones could run about and let off steam before heading into Ginger Brown Cafe.  It is the first time we have been back to Ginger Brown this year and once again we were not disappointed :)  Creatures of habit Kel and I - we both opted for the same dish we enjoyed on our last visit.......baked eggs and crusty toast for Kel and I enjoyed the fruit nut crumble with labne which was simply heavenly and oh sooooo mouth watering, yum!  My growing man enjoyed a kid-sized strawberry milkshake (with a small straw which is a blessing in disguise to minimise the spillage that can occur as excited hands wrestle with a  normal sized straw!).  

Once again the service at Ginger Brown was efficient and friendly as we settled back and enjoyed the relaxed vibe of the cafe.  Kel noted that her latte was smooth and delicious and hit the spot exactly.  When we were leaving we noticed that the Barista was a familiar and experienced face from a few other cafes around town which explained why the coffee was so good!  A welcome addition we are sure to the popular South Hobart spot.

Love Mumma's Al & Kel

Oh and from April 26th Ginger Brown will be starting evening dinners Thursday to Saturday - we will have to suss that out that's for sure! 

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