Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ginger Brown - revisted....again!

Kel and I enjoyed another catch-up this morning at Ginger Brown in South Hobart with our friend G and our tribe of little ones :)  Miserable Hobart spring weather coupled with busy toddlers indoors can often equal disaster!  But in between snacks of food, boys josling for the same toy, general toddler wandering and micro sleeps (Kel's little man just wanted to have a little snooze for some reason at 1030hrs!) we all managed to enjoy good conversation (albeit slightly disjointed), drink our hot lattes with joy and thoroughly enjoy the food on offer......Kel enjoyed the baked eggs with chorizo, spinach, roasted peppers and sourdough soldiers while I (and the 'Great Man') were delighted with our fruit nut crumble, sweet labneh and berry coulis :)  It was simply divine.....warm and comforting, with a buttery soft crumble and perfectly cooked apple and rhubarb, certainly a treat mid-morning!  

Fruit Nut Crumble.....the picture does not do the dish justice!
Baked Eggs with Sourdough Soldiers

Once again the babycinos on offer did not disappoint with marshmallows the size of the moon.   Kel's growing man sat back like a professional and sipped away (not to mention the fact he had dashed to the car earlier saying 'come on mummy lets go to the marshmallow shop!).   

Ginger Brown has such a great vibe and is so welcoming to little ones, who do just blend seamlessly into the space (unless your little one in the group, aka Miss H, has just learnt to squeal then perhaps not!!).  It certainly is one of the best child and baby friendly cafes around, thanks Ginger Brown :)

Love Mummas Al & Kel  x

Oh and we spotted the Resident Dinosaur getting a workout in the play department......busy fellow that one :)

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