Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Italian Pantry - Trattoria Friday Night

Location: 27 - 29 Federal St, North Hobart
Phone: (03) 6231 2788
Website:http:  www.italianpantry.com.au  
Opening hours: Mon - Thurs 8am - 6pm, Fri 8am - 9.30pm, Sat 8am - 3pm

Kids menu: No
Adult menu: On the night we were there our menu options were six "Assagi" small tasting plates, "Primi" including smoked salmon and asparagus salad, potato gnocchi with lamb ragu, or steamed mussels in tomato, garlic, chilli, and parsley salsa, "Secondi" osso bucco, or scotta ditto.  Side dishes of salad or veggies.  For dessert; a selection of handmade gelato, berry tartlets with limoncello mascarpone, or a selection of three cheeses with mustard fruits.

Prices: The tasting plates range from $5 to $6.50 each, or $31.50 for all six.  "Primi" options $16.50 - $18.50.  "Secondi" options around $30.  Dessert $13 - $18

 Mumma Review:

Hubbys birthday celebration this year was a family dinner at The Italian Pantry.  We love our Italian food, and we had heard some great reviews about this place, so it seemed like a great spot to try.

Having only a small front cafe area, with limited bookings for their Friday night dinner, and from what I had heard from others, I was expecting that our table of 12 would just about fill the place.  How wrong I was!  The Friday night dinner is obviously very popular.  I booked three weeks in advance and the night I wanted just happened to be the first booking available.  

The night we arrived there were tables not only in the front cafe, but also set up through-out the deli.  Our table was right at the back, amongst the grocery aisles.  Uh-oh, a table with a one year old, a two year old, and open grocery shelves = a supermarket nightmare, and surely a recipe for disaster!! 

Luckily there were two high chairs available (which I had reserved when making the booking) to keep our little ones in check, and a big basket of toys was produced early on by our waiter.  And so, the groceries stayed safely on the shelves.

The Friday night dinner at The Italian Pantry is trattoria style, with limited menu.  The place was packed and bustling, service was prompt and friendly, the food was nice, and although it was not the quiet family atmosphere I was expecting it was still a pleasant atmosphere.

Our menu consisted of a selection of 6 small tasting plates, 3 options for primi, 2 options for secondi, side dishes of either salad or vegetables, and 3 dessert options.

The tasting plates, or "Assagi" could be purchased individually, or you could purchase all 6 to make up a main meal for around $30.  I had the pizza slice with caramelized onion and buffalo mozzarella, which was delicious.  Other options included baby octopus marinated in virgin olive oil, chilli, lemon and garlic; anchovy fritters with sage and garlic aioli; oven roasted tomatoes with oregano; scallops lightly poached with bechamel sauce; or mini air freighted Italian buffalo mozzarella with house made pesto.  To me the tasting plates were the highlight of the menu, and I think if I were to return again I would order all six for my meal!

The options on the "primi" section of the menu are small serves obviously, but a couple of smaller eaters chose one of these dishes for their main meal and were happy with the size.  I chose a larger "secondi" meal; osso bucco, which was nice.  The other option was lamb chops served on pumpkin puree, scalloped potatoes and rosemary lamb jus.

Between courses we were able to browse the deli, and check out the fantastic range of cheese in the cold room, the meats, fresh and dried pasta's, and a plethora of imported food and wines from Italy, over 2000 items from all regions of the country.

The Italian Pantry are also open as a cafe Monday to Saturday, for breakfast, lunch or just coffee.  I wouldn't mind popping back during the week to try out their day time menu.  Their basket of toys is large enough to keep my little one distracted while I relax with a coffee!  I must also return two kids books from the basket that a "helpful" relative mistakenly packed into my bag when we were getting organised to leave!  So, Italian Pantry, I promise to be back soon to return them!  

Have any of you been here during the day for coffee or a bite to eat?  I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Love Mumma Kel x

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  1. What a lovely review. We went to the Italian Pantry during the day with Herbaceous Tours; had coffee and some delicious donuts and browsed the isles. The cheese fridge is amazing! Returning for dinner is on the to-do list, and now it's just been moved up the order.
    Many thanks!

  2. Thanks Tania. The donuts sound delicious, I've just had someone on our facebook page also recommend them! I'll have to get myself there very soon to try them.
    Let us know how you enjoy your dinner there :)

  3. Susanne in Tranmere1 May 2012 at 11:20

    No matter what time of day I've been here the place has offered up excellent coffee, great food and a very high-end atmosphere. I love how the owners wander about chatting with people too - makes customers feel very important. A big favourite - only problem is, it's getting too popular - they need to expand!

    1. It does seem really popular on a Friday night, I'm guessing its a big favourite for quite a few people! Any recommendations on the menu for breakfast or lunch? I hear the rabbit calzone is good!

  4. I've been there during the day when Master O was close to newborn. He was unsettled so I was holding him when they brought my panini out and without me even asking, they saw I had my hands too full to eat it intact, so turned back and cut it for me so I could eat with one hand. They were lovely and friendly. I really want to try a Friday night!

    1. How lovely, its so nice when people "get" what its like with a newborn and go out of their way to help you out :)

  5. Last Saturday my partner and I wanted to venture out for our first Breakkie since Miss A was born. Not wanting to battle out Salamanca with her in the pram, we thought we'd try somewhere different...where to check, Mumma needs Coffee!!! We got online and checked your blog if the Italian Pantry did breakfasts and off we went!
    We got there about 9.15 am so there was plenty of space/table choice, by 10am the place was full.
    The staff were so friendly and the service was prompt. The coffee was simply delicious and we both couldn't go past their $8.50 scrambled eggs and both had a side of bacon and mushrooms (2-2.50 each). Although the mushrooms came a little late, they were the BEST side of mushrooms I've ever eaten, fresh juicy Shitakes!
    A delicious, well priced breakfast and we had a great little shop in the pantry afterwards!
    Thank you for helping our first breakfast out go smoothly!

    1. Wow, that all sounds delicious! I'm so pleased we could help you out with some info for your first breakfast outing, and it's great to hear that it all went smoothly!! Hubby and I have also ventured back to The Italian Pantry with our little one, so I'll post that review when I get a chance! Thanks for your fantastic feedback, we love hearing other peoples experiences. Kel x

  6. I do love going out for an Italian night every once in a while! I just love sampling different Italian foods, and I’m always on the lookout to try new things. I do like that they offer a lot of sampler plates for people to have a chance to taste their different dishes; and even though they’re really busy, they never lose track of their smiles and quality of service. Thanks for the read. Cheers!


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