Friday, 17 February 2012


Location: 5 Morrison Street, Hobart
Phone: (03) 6234 5612
Opening Hours: 4pm til late, 7 days

Kids menu: No
Adult menu: The pizza menu comprises of a "B list" (all your usual suspects like margarita, hawaiian, capricossa, supreme, bbq chicken etc) and an "A list" with some more unusual offerings such as poached pear, notorious fig, arabian chicken, scotch fillet steak, lamb tikka masala, salt and pepper calamari (yes they are all pizza's)
Prices: "B list" $11  "A list" $13, cheap!  The pizza is a decent size for this price, I only managed half of mine.  It's a little more expensive for the take-away option, but the sizing is different, check out their website for the full take-away menu and prices. 

Mumma Review

Having heard that the recently opened Pizzarazzi was a good child friendly option, hubby and I thought we would try it out on an early Friday evening.

When we got there we discovered that there were no highchairs, no change table, no toys, no kids didn't look promising.

We propped our toddler up at the table on the "big boy chair" which he is now only just big enough to do.  Had it been a few months earlier it would have been a bit of a nightmare trying to keep him contained.  

The place was empty at our 5.30pm dining time so service was prompt and efficient, and our waitress single-handedly created a child friendly vibe, and turned around our initial dubious first impressions of the place.  She was extremely attentive towards our little guy, and went to length to make him, and us, feel welcomed.  She rustled him up a white paper bag and pen to draw with, paid him lots of attention and compliments and completely won him over when at the end of the meal she asked if she could "please make him a babycino"!  For her efforts she earned herself a big cuddle and kiss from our sticky pawed toddler.

Despite there being no kids menu, there are plenty of pizza options suitable for sharing with the family.  We chose a garlic pizza, and capriscossa which hubby and bubba both loved, and ate themselves beyond full.  I chose a nacho libre pizza with jalapeno's - certainly not something I would normally choose, I've got to put that one down to a pregnancy craving, but I loved it! 

At the end of our meal we were pretty happy that we had chosen Pizzarazzi for our dinner. Hopefully the guys that run the place will listen to our waitresses suggestions for a few child friendly features.  I would be willing to try this place again in a few months time to see if they have added some kid friendly features and grabbed a slice of the early family diners trade.  And if not the pizza is worth a return visit for anyway!  

Hey, if you try this place out and find that they have added some child friendly features, then be sure to leave us a comment to let everyone know!  Cheers!

Love Mumma Kel x


  1. Great review Thanks Mumma Kel! Hubby and I have been wondering what this place was like

    1. Thanks! Make sure you let us know what you think if you do decide to check it out :)

  2. We have had lots of good feed back from Mummies coming in, the negative feed back has also been noted. We have organised a high chair and colouring in books to be here as of next week. Our head waitress seems to fall in love with every toddler that walks in the door. (We think shes getting clucky) :) If anyone has any questions or feed back they would like to leave please feel free to add us on facebook or send us a comment through our website. Thanks again for the feed back guys we need to hear everything good and bad. Its the only way we get better at what we do :)

    1. Hi Pizzarazzi, fantastic to hear from you. Great news about the child friendly features you are adding, it makes eating out so much easier, and something the whole family can enjoy!
      Your head waitress certainly has a way with children :)
      Looking forward to coming back for a return visit for some more yummy pizza!

  3. I've just been sent your blog by your neighbour Lou and I'm loving it! I was looking for suggestions on twitter as to where to go for a kid friendly meal and now Ibknow to look no further than here :)
    Have been meaning to try this place since it opened - love it that they are willing to take on suggestions - we'll be in for some pizza soon - yum!

    1. Hi Mel, glad you found us. I'll have to thank Lou for sending people in our direction! Let us know what you think of pizzarazzi when you go there :)


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