Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Waiting for baby...

Any mumma's remember what this feels like?!

I'm 39 weeks now, and feeling ready to pop at any moment! My cafe reviews might be a bit few and far between over the next couple of weeks, but I know Al will keep you up to date with some more great child and baby friendly cafes while I adjust to life with a new bubba.

In the mean time, I'm trying to relax and enjoy some quiet time before life gets a whole lot more hectic again.

I'm loving spending some one on one time with the toddler of the house, playing in the garden and pottering around home together before his little world changes dramatically.

Hubby and I have even managed a night away, and a dinner out by ourselves recently, which will possibly be the last for a little while!

The uncomfortable stage has well and truly arrived, and I'm needing four pillows just to find a semi-comfortable position for sleep (while hubby clings to a small slither of space on the edge of the bed).  I can barely reach my toes, and picking the toddlers toys up off the floor is becoming increasingly difficult, especially since he can create mess faster then I can tidy it!  I only have one top left that fits comfortably over the bump and is suitable for wearing outside the house, and hubby is complaining that I'm stretching all his t.shirts.  The "not long now" comments are coming thick and fast from every corner; friends, family, and strangers alike.  Ah, the joys of late pregnancy!

I'm sure all the mumma's out there have their own list of loves and complaints of pregnancy that you could share!

I'm loving the fact that our little baby is contentedly growing away, wriggling around, and hiccuping on the inside, getting ready to come along any day now.  It's so exciting to wonder just exactly who this little person will be, and what they will look like!  

We can't wait to welcome our new bubba to our little family, and I look forward to introducing you all soon. "Not long now!"

Love Mumma Kel x


  1. All the best to you for your impending arrival! Hope it all goes smoothly and quickly! Hugs xxx


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