Monday, 16 April 2012

Blogging Business...


We managed to get some time for some "blogging business" last week at Al's house.  That is, we spent a couple of hours in disjointed conversations, tag teaming it on the computer, with idea's shouted to one another from the study to where ever the other was either amusing the increasingly active toddler boys, making them lunch, supervising their minor disagreements, or tending to their numerous requests for outside now, inside now, play with balloon, play with trucks, etc etc!

By the end of the morning we managed to accomplish a few things; 1) the boys were fed and enjoyed their boiled eggs and toast soldiers for lunch, 2) we managed to half finish a cup of tea and conversation sitting at the same table, 3) the boys got to play play play, and wear off some of that endless energy.  It was a beautiful sunny autumn day, so the outside play was a winner!  And finally 4) we managed to make a couple of new changes to the blog.

Here they are.....

You will find our side-bar has had a couple of changes, and new categories added.  Firstly, the "After Five" section containing reviews of child and baby friendly restaurants has been renamed "Kid Friendly Dining" and has been brought up under the "Cafe Review" section.  

Our first new category in the side bar is "Activities and Special Events" where you will find posts about markets, shows, festivals and the likes.

The second new category is "Give-Aways"!  We love give-aways at Mumma Needs Coffee headquarters.  We think it's a great way to say thank you to our followers and supporters :)  So check out the Give-Aways page for some of our previous great prizes, and keep an eye out for plenty more to come!

We also have a little star in the pipe-line, which will hopefully make life easier for you when choosing a great child and baby friendly cafe.....but more about that next time, there is only so much blogging business you can squeeze in, between loading rocks into toy trucks, batting balloons into the air, and crawling through tunnels!

Love Mumma's Kel and Al x 


  1. Love how you are always looking for new ideas for your blog. Like your activities and special events section, and of course, everyone loves a give-away!!

    1. Thanks Debs, glad you like our new additions to the blog. Keep an eye out for our next give-away, you never know your luck!


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