Friday, 29 June 2012

Purple Cup Drive Thru Coffee

Location: 12 Warwick Street, Hobart - just off the Brooker Highway
Phone: 0409 440 092440 092
Opening hours: From 6.30am Monday to Friday

Kids menu: Party pies available - $1.20
Adult menu: Toasted sandwiches; regular sandwiches; egg & bacon rolls; hot pies and sausage rolls; small selection of cookies and muffins; and some chocolate bars; drinks - small, medium and large sized coffees (latte, cappuccino, flat white); short and long blacks; tea (including herbal); flavoured milk; & juice "pop tops"/water/soft drinks; as well as coffee products: 200g coffee/ 1kg coffee/choc coated coffee beans
Prices: small coffee: $3.30, medium: $4.30; large: $5.30; tea: $2.50; flavoured milk: $3.30; sandwiches: $3 - $4.50; pies: $3.50; cookies: $2.50; muffins: $3.50
Babycino: .60c

Mumma Review

Well it has been a long time between posts for me...!  Life just seems to be getting in the way of cafe reviewing and relaxed socialising out and about!  My little man doesn't seem so little anymore at 18 months of age and is keeping me on my toes (to say the least!) exploring the world as well picking up random toddler virus's (sick bubba + lack of sleep = exhausted mumma!).  When the weather is fine we seem to frequent parks for play dates and when it is not I find myself drawn to drive-thru coffee!!  It is so nice to stay snug in the car whilst getting your daily caffeine fix.....

Lately I have been frequenting the Purple Cup Drive Thru Coffee for my dose of caffeine.  A "small latte with one sugar please" is my mantra into the speaker.  A quick drive around the building and I am greeted by a friendly staff member handing over my hot coffee.  And the coffee is.....good!  Now I do not profess to be a coffee connoisseur but for me the coffee has a strong body, a tasty slighter sweeter flavor, and is smooth.  Each time I go there I am pleasantly surprised, thinking that a coffee from a drive-thru would have to be below par.  It is yet to be that.  The coffee is fair trade "Zentveld's" coffee, sourced in the hills behind Byron Bay (great to be supporting Australian grown products).

The Ladies at Purple Cup Drive-Thru Coffee

As well as coffee they have tea, hot chocolates, milkshakes and babycino's for the little ones.  At only 60c it is a bit of a bargain.  My little man is yet to try one there however as it would most likely end up more over him and the car seat than actually in his mouth :)  They also do a variety of light snacks....sandwiches, pies, egg & bacon rolls and a selection of cakes. 

All in all Purple Cup Drive Thru Coffee is a great concept that ticks the box's for any busy Mumma or Pappa who is on the go (or is simply nice and warm in the car and doesn't want to get out).  You can also walk up to the window if on foot if you are out and about with your little one in the pram (or on their bike as my little man seems to be lately). 

Have you been to Purple Cup Drive Thru Coffee?  Would love to hear your thoughts :)
Love Mumma Al x 

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