Monday, 5 December 2011

Cuppa Drive-Thru Coffee

Location: 191 New Town Road, New Town 
Phone: 0401 910 373
Opening Hours: 6am - 4.30pm Monday to Saturday; 8am - 2pm Sundays 

Kids menu: No
Adult menu: Muffins, cookies and mini danish (sweet and a savory options) available 
Prices: Coffees (latte/cappuccino/long black): $3.60 - $4.20, short black: $2.50: hot chocolate/mocca: $3.50 - $4.20: tea (selection) $3 - $3.50: milkshakes (chocolate/strawberry/vanilla/caramel): $4.50: bottled water: $2.50 Sweet treats: $2 - $3.50
Babycino: $1

Mumma Review

Drive-thru coffee!  Just what every parent (or everyone for that matter) needs when they are on the go!  But geez some drive-thru coffee can be ordinary.  Thankfully though the Cuppa Drive-Thru Coffee at New Town is far from ordinary...

The latte I ordered hit the spot exactly as bub and I zipped into Cuppa Drive-Thru Coffee in between my morning errands.  Smooth and delicious - my coffee was thoroughly enjoyed.  The small complimentary short-bread biscuit was a nice touch while the service was efficient and friendly - just what a busy mumma needed while ordering her morning cuppa.

Nearing their 1st year anniversary the Cuppa Drive-Thru Coffee is situated in the carpark behind BWS Bottle Shop New Town and directly opposite K-Mart.  The hut can be accessed from both Risdon Road and main road New Town, with service counters situated on both sides of the building - offering optimum coffee delivery!  Milkshakes and would you believe....babychino's are also available as well as the usual coffee/tea selection.  Cookies, muffins and bikkies complete their menu.
All and all a great spot to zip into for any busy mumma or pappa who is on the go and doesn't want to exit the car for a drink (or even more perfect if you are desperate for a cuppa but your babe is sleeping peacefully in the car!).

Love Mumma Al x
The friendly coffee-man


  1. your friendly coffee man is def cute!! :-P

  2. Ha ha....yes he was indeed. Nice way to receive your morning coffee!

  3. Absolutely! As a new mum here, I must say, it helps any bad morning of non-sleep a lot! Hahaha...

  4. Nothing better than tasty coffee with a smile for a sleep-deprived Mumma!

  5. They also do a small size milkshake for about $2, which is fantastic for little kids :-)

    1. Great to hear! Do they offer the milkshake in all the regular flavors as well?

  6. love cuppa.....always get a great coffee and babycino for the little man....there decafe is great too

    1. Great to hear their decafe is good....always a bit hit and miss the old decafe! Al x


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