Thursday, 17 November 2011

Any fellow planetarians out there?

We have just started to follow "Life on Planet Baby" a fantastic local blog not only about life as a mumma, but also remembering who you are as a person, and taking time to enjoy the things in life that make you who you are ......Check out the site for yourself  Are there any fellow planetarians out there? 

What other great local blogs have you come across?

Love Mumma's Kel & Al x


  1. We are also loving the apple aisle, the twigs, and little glowing lights. The talent on our little island is amazing!

  2. Oh Kel and Al! You gorgeous souls. Thankyou so much - I'm blushing. I'm so delighted you've found my blog and become Planetarians ☺. I'm going to return the favour now! J x

  3. That's lovely thanks Jane. Looking forward to hearing more tales from your planet!


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