Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hotel Grand Chancellor - The Atrium

Location:  1 Davey St, Hobart
Phone:  (03) 6235 4547 
Opening hours:  10.30am til late daily

Kids menu:  No.  The adult menu isn't particularly suitable for small kids
Adult menu:  A selection of light and slightly more heartier meals.  High Tea available all day for $22 per person
Prices:  Starting around $9 for light meals such as panini's, wedges, salt and pepper squid, going up to around the $20-$25 mark for fish and chips, or curry.
Babycino:  Yes, free with purchase

Mumma review

Not our best choice of locations for a morning cuppa.  We arrived at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Atrium just before opening, thinking we would grab a quick coffee after a nice stroll around the sparkling waterfront on the first warm sunny morning in a while.

No table service, which is ok, but the guy behind the bar was obviously struggling with the sudden arrival of a couple of small groups placing coffee orders.  We stood around for a fair while waiting to place orders - not a great start.  We didn't quite feel like an entire high tea (although Mumma Al did briefly consider it!) or main meal so we opted for one of the two choices of cake or cupcake that were available.  Both were pretty tasty.  I did ask the waiter if there was possibly anything small on the menu that might be suitable for a toddler, but no luck.

We chose a seat in the corner, and while our friends newborn slept soundly and Al's bubba finished off his morning nap in the pram, my little toddler attempted to sit still on the slippery leather couch with little success.  After half an hour of waiting for our coffee's (their arrival timed perfectly with both bubs waking for their morning feed), my little one was well and truly fed up with waiting for his babycino and was now confined to his pram after an unsuccessful attempt at making a wild dash for freedom across the room.

The lack of high chair, kids menu, or kids activities coupled with the ultra long wait for a coffee and the quiet atmosphere, all made this a poor choice for a spot to take little kids.  The atrium itself is in a lovely location overlooking the waterfront, making the most of the view with massive windows.  On previous occasions we have both enjoyed a very tasty high tea, but an outing here would be best timed with bubba's sleep time, or for some baby free mummy time!

Love Mumma Kel & Mumma Al x

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