Wednesday, 28 September 2011


NB. Gilbys is no longer open for business. 

Location: 314 East Derwent Highway, Geilston Bay 
Phone: (03) 6243 4955
Website: No
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am till late; Weekends 8.30am till late (except Sunday and Monday's they are not open till late)

Kids menu: No
Adults menu: Breakfast, lunch and dinner - wide variety available of modern Australian cuisine.  Suitable options available for kids on adult menu  
Prices: Breakfast: $5.90 - 14.90, Lunch $7 - $15, Dinner $14 - $27, Coffees $3.90 - $4.90, Milkshakes/Iced Chocolates $5.90 - $6.90 

Mumma Review

Bub and I headed over the river for a play date with a friend and her little boy.  After enjoying a nice morning pram walk with the boys we headed into the newly opened Gilby's located on the East Derwent Highway at Geilston Bay.

The place was fresh, nicely decorated and there was room to park our two prams at the table where we were sitting.  There were no highchairs but one waitress I spoke to said they were going to be getting some - this would be great considering there were a number of other bubs and young kids there who would have benefited. 

The menu was modern Australian with a great variety to choose from for brunch, lunch and dinner.  Whilst there was no specific kids menu there were a number of options on the menu that would have suited little ones - eggs and soldiers, pancakes, fruit toast, scones, and a variety of pasta's (if you were there for lunch/dinner).

I had a latte and an apricot danish - the latte was a little watery to be honest with an unpleasant after taste.  My apricot danish was also a little stale tasting :(  There were a number of other tasty looking cakes to choose from and my friend had previously enjoyed a tasty brunch there so I certainly wouldn't write the place off.

I wouldn't hesitate in returning to Gilby's again once it has established itself a bit more and found its feet.  The location and ease of access for local mum's, dad's and little ones certainly makes it an appealing spot for a cuppa and bite to eat.

Love Mumma Al x

Oh and if any readers have recently been to Gilby's please post us a comment on what you thought :)

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  1. My family and I recently enjoyed brunch at Gilby's. My young son loved the eggs and soldiers.

  2. Can report there still arent highchairs, the owner is happy for parents to take the ones that strap onto the chairs but doubt they will ever have them, they get very excited when we offer to sit outside with our little one (we have been going since she was born and now 1) they now have babycinos and i dont mind sitting outside its great in the summer and we just take a blanket or the push a long bike and they have never said anything! ps if you ever get some kid free time the dinner menu is delicious!

    1. Hey Kirsty thanks for your feedback :) I was only thinking the other day that we should head back to Gilby's for another attempt! That's a shame about still no highchairs but at least they are happy for you to take your own seat.

      What is on the dinner menu these days....? Al x


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