Monday, 6 February 2012

Taste Cafe

Location: Baha'i Center of Learning - 1 Tasman Highway, Hobart (at ABC roundabout)
Phone: 03 6234 7654
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am till 4pm 

Kids menu: No
Adult menu: Broad selection of lunch options using seasonal, fresh and local produce.
Prices: $10 - $25 for lunch options; $2-$4 biscuits, muffins and cakes

Mumma Review

Taste Cafe is housed inside the Baha'i Centre of Learning, the environmentally sustainable, round building on the edge of the city.  We arrived on a weekday morning, for a catch up and a cuppa.  As soon as we walked in the door we were informed that there's a kids play room that we could use if we liked.  Our boys are a little too little to be left to play together unsupervised (the mind boogles at the trouble they would get themselves into) so we joined them in the play room for our morning tea.  We sat at the round plastic table - rest assured it's an adults sized table, we didn't have to pretend to have a teaparty, but it was no where near as sophisticated as the dark wooden tables and low stools in the main cafe area.  The sacrifices you make when you have kids!

There is a huge selection of toys in the playroom, and we enjoyed sitting back for a chat while the boys were occupied (one having his morning nap in the pram, the other checking out the mechanics of a push along toy).  The staff in the cafe will provide table service to you in the playroom, however the room isn't available if there is a seminar or workshop on in that wing of the building, due to the noise level that kids are capable of creating!

Both the playroom and the main cafe are great spots for a mums group catch-up, but if you want to use the playroom with a group of kids it would be an idea to phone ahead to make sure that there isn't a seminar on.

The main menu looked a little hearty for what we were after today, but it did have lots of interesting sounding options and we have previously read great food reviews - check out Rita's Bite - Taste Cafe 

There is a selection of cakes and muffins for morning tea.  Super cheap!  We were each left only $5.50 out of pocket for a large tasty raspberry and white choc muffin and coffee.  A great spot for a mumma on a budget.

The Bahai Centre is a religious centre of learning, and as such (particularly in the kids room) their philosophy and beliefs are on display.  Other than just being on display it is not pressed in any way and we still enjoyed ourselves.  If you are interested, the centre runs children's classes on Thursday afternoon's for kids aged 5 and over.  Anyone is welcome to join these free classes which have a spiritual basis, and teach the virtues of the Bahai faith through music, prayer and story telling.  Contact the centre if you wish to enrol.      
As we were leaving we made a confession to the staff about the broken babycino cup :(  We left a tip on the saucer as compensation, to which the waiter told us not to be silly, dont worry about it!  That was pretty nice of him we thought, but we left the tip all the same.  If only we had known about Babycino Keep Cups!

Love Mumma Kel and Mumma Al x 


  1. Thanks for the awesome review, only wish I'd found this sooner!

    ---The waiter who told you not to be silly :)---

    1. Ha ha, thankyou Lawrence, we are glad you enjoyed the review! We will have to head in for a return visit, especially as winter approaches. An indoor play room and a coffee on a rainy day is a winner in our book :)


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