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Location:  364 Elizabeth St, North Hobart  
Phone:  (03) 6234 9611
Opening hours:  Dinner daily from 5.30pm, Thurs - Sat for lunch

Kids menu:  Yes, a selection of little people friendly pasta's and pizza's, or fish/calamari/chicken and chips, served with a small soft drink, and bowl of icecream for $14
Adults menu:  Large selection of pizza, and pasta, as well as a main menu consisting of cotolette, seafood dishes, veal (scallopine funghi and saltimbocca), chicken (pesto, marsala or in a cream and white wine mushroom sauce) and chargrilled lamb or steak.  Plenty to choose from! Not to mention the entrees ( pizza breads and antipasto) and desserts
Prices:  The pasta's are available in entrée or main size, ranging in price from $12.50 for the cheapest entree size, up to $19.80 for the dearest main size.  All other mains around $25-$30. Original pizzas: S $10.90, M $13.60, L $18.50.  Gourmet pizzas: S $14, M $17, L $23 

Mumma Review

Although Martizucco's Restaurant in North Hobart has not scored many Mumma Needs Coffee icons for kid friendly features, it is in actual fact a pretty good spot to go with the kids.  
It has early opening hours for dinner, high chairs, a cute kids menu, a casual atmosphere, and staff that are very friendly and accommodating towards children.  All of this made for an enjoyable night out with bubba for his Gramps' birthday celebration!   

Pram access isn't great.  You could manage to manoeuvre up the front step and in the door with a smaller pram, but once you are in you cant go much further.  There is a small dining area on the ground floor, with the rest of the restaurant being accessed via a small set of steep steps.  So if you want to have bub in the pram it would be wise to book a table on the ground floor.  Our table of ten were easily accommodated on the second floor without feeling squished in, and bubba took prime position in his high chair at the head of the table much to his liking.

Our group all shared herb and garlic pizza's for entree, which bub tucked into with gusto along with the rest of us.  I have never before actually ordered a specific kids menu for dinner for bub - it always seemed like a waste with him being likely to spend more time playing with it than eating it, but this time a bowl of his favourite type of pasta followed by an icecream treat seemed too good to refuse.

There was not an unusually long wait for our mains, but it was long enough for bub to be getting quite antsy in his high chair.  Our observant waitress noticed this and asked us if we would like his dinner now, and two seconds later it appeared.  Much appreciated!  However, I don't think the soft drink that was included in the kids menu price ever turned up.  I was keeping an eye out for it as I was planning on guzzling it myself... perhaps hubby beat me to it.

The kids menu dessert was a bowl of icecream with topping.  Deciding that a bowl of icecream was treat enough I asked for no topping.  I'm sure I heard someone in my family tsk at me, but no one owned up... maybe I was hearing things.  Anyway, bub was extremely impressed with what he was presented with, and it was timed perfectly with our mains arriving, so that made me happy too!

The rest of our table also seemed pretty happy with the food, judging by the comments. No two people had the same meal, so its pretty impressive that there were no complaints.

By the end of mains bub was over it, so I played pass the child around the table to try and keep him entertained in the hope that I would be able to sneak a dessert in.  Unfortunately before orders for dessert were taken bub was barely keeping his cool, so we scuttled off home.  We are always the first to leave these days, but at least we got there!

Love Mumma Kel x 

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