Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Jam Jar Lounge

Location: 45 Hampden Road, Battery Point
Phone:  (03) 6224 1447
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday : 7.30am - 5pm (open until 9pm currently which will stop in October). 

Kids menu: No
Adults menu:Brunch: 7.30am - 12pm (some all day) and lunch: 12-2pm. Lots of delicious looking cakes, slices and biscuits
Prices: Brunch: $7.00 for fruit toast up to $18 for an omlette -  Lunch: $12 - $18, Cakes/Biscuits: $3.00 - $8.00, Coffee: $3.50 - $4.50
Kids play area: Small sunny courtyard at the rear of the cafe
Babycino: Didn't get a chance to look - sorry!!!

Mumma Review

Bub, my friend (a soon to be yummy-mummy) and I headed to Jam Jar Lounge in Battery Point for a mid-week catch up last week.  I had been excited to go and try their French Toast which I had heard good reports about.  We arrived a bit after 9am and the place was buzzing with people enjoying their morning coffee and reading the daily news.  The interior of the cafe was stylish and old-world inspired.  Lots of seating for 2-6 people spread throughout two separate rooms and a sunny courtyard at the rear of the cafe.  A big comfy couch and two arm chairs were also available.

Before arriving I had planned that bub would be fast asleep in his pram and I would be able to relax back sipping a latte, tyring the french toast and enjoying a catch up.  Perfect!!  Bub however had other plans...

Whether it was the excitment of being out in a new cafe or the music that seemed to be rather loud (or teething which I do seem to blame most things on) bub was crying and irritable in his pram - he was not a happy camper!  After ordering our meals we switched seats and sat in a quieter section of the cafe which seemed to help settle bub a little.  There was enough room to fit the pram however had it had been a wide pram we may have struggled.  The staff were friendly with their service and when one waitress was asked whether they had a high chair she appeared quite sympathetic whilst stating no, sorry.  

After lots of cuddles bub did eventually fall off to sleep in his pram but by that stage my french toast and coffee were cold :( What I did taste however was still quite nice, and had it of been warm it really would have hit the spot.  The prices however were a little on the expensive side so perhaps not the best spot if you are on a budget dining out with kids.

Jam Jar Lounge was probably not the best place for a crying bub but what place is?  While it was a beautiful, sophisticated venue it really wasn't kid friendly.  Save Jam Jar Lounge for enjoyable bub free time (I know I will!).

Love Mumma Al x 


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