Thursday, 24 January 2013

We are back....!

We are back from having a bit of a blogging break over the summer months.  Time well and truly needed to spend with our precious family and friends.  Sometimes cafe road testing can be rather taxing so it has been nice to enjoy what Hobart has to offer without writing about it, snapping pics and checking out the general baby and kiddie friendly amenities!  We are now rejuvenated and will hit the cafe road testing scene again with the hope of continuing our quest to find Hobart's best child and baby friendly cafes :)  And to bring a little bit more info to you guys out there as we know it can be a bit hit and miss finding a place that not only ticks all the boxes, but has delicious food, coffee and a welcoming atmosphere (especially when you are new to the whole parenting role!).

Kel started the ball rolling this week with her review of Beaujangles in the city and we aim to have a new cafe review up on the blog each week (a big statement we know but it is the New Year so we are aiming high!).

And our little cafe road testers who are always there for the ride are getting bigger by the minute and more and more adorable as they foster their own friendship together :)

Love Mumma Al & Mumma Kel xx

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