Friday, 17 August 2012

Mumma Needs......A Beer?

Ever had a cafe outing that turned into a disaster?  Or that just failed to launch?  Yes, so have we.  You might like to know you're not alone!  Here is our latest "cafe outing" from Saturday morning:

It started pleasantly enough with a play in the 'boat park' before the weather turned nasty. We dashed towards the nearest child friendly cafe "The Village" in Battery Point with their toy box in mind.  We arrived to a sign on the door "closed today for personal reasons".  Fair enough, onto the next place....Jam Jar - packed.  Onto the next place....Jackman & McRoss - even more packed.  Onto the next place....Environs - fully booked. 

Three bedraggled mumma's with three prams, a toddler enjoying a shoulder ride despite the weather, and one bemused dad trudging through the rain.  The look of terror on the patrons faces as they peered out from within each nice, warm, not to mention peaceful, coffee-aroma filled cafe was enough to send us packing anyway!   Really quite desperate to get out of the rain, and being too far from the cars to contemplate dashing back to them, we found ourselves outside the local pub.  Could we seek refuge there?  "Come in, come in" the barman welcomed us, "you don't have to stand out there in the rain!"


What was our poison? Coffee of course! So the boys ate their packed sandwiches, we drank our coffee, then we all headed merrily on our way when the rained cleared.

Oh, and the child friendly features?  Well, there was a woman who wandered in dressed in a bright green and orange dinosaur costume!  Don't think she had childrens entertainment in mind when she first entered the pub, but oh well.

Love Mumma's Kel and Al x


  1. Well you might not have been able to do a cafe review but you certainly had me laughing. Good work for trying so hard, I would have given up!!

  2. Glad it gave you a giggle! To top it all off, when we got back to the cars Al discovered that her little man had quietly flicked on the interior light when getting out of the car, so she returned to a dead flat car battery! I think we may have been better off just staying at home!!


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