Friday, 16 March 2012

Rivulet Cafe

Location: 64 Anglesea Street, South Hobart (at C3 Church)
Phone: (03) 6223 1393
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8.30am till 4.30pm

Kids menu: Toast fingers available with vegemite or jam
Adult menu: Light brunch and lunch options:
Croissants with jam/chicken & cheese/ham & cheese; yoghurt & muesli; pies with salad; focaccia - lemon roasted turkey, vegetarian, honey ham; moderate range of sweet treats - chocolate eclairs, friands, kiss biscuits, carrot cake
Prices: Brunch & lunch options $3 - $10; hot drinks $3 - $4; biscuits & cakes $3 - $4;

Mumma Review

Wow the Rivulet Cafe in South Hobart is certainly becoming a popular child friendly cafe choice for lots of Hobart Mummas if the amount of emails we have had about it is anything to go by?!  I decided it was time to see what all the fuss what about......and enlisted the help of my Mum's Group to come along on a cafe 'road' test!

The Rivulet Cafe is located within the C3 Church in South Hobart - near the Hobart Rivulet, hence the name!  Initially I have to admit I was a little (ok....very!) skeptical at first to be going to a cafe within a religious setting and felt slightly apprehensive that we may be approached from all angles to join their congregation (goodness me this post may get me into trouble?!).   But I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.......

A vast open space greeted me when i walked into the building - lots of seating options (tables/chairs and a number of comfy looking couches) were positioned in front of a stylish little cafe with cakes and biscuits aplenty (always a bonus in my opinion!).  Staff were friendly and unobtrusive as I scuttled past and out into the famous playground - fenced off from the car park for safety.  Whilst waiting for my fellow mum's my young man was straight out into the playground and in what felt like seconds had climbed up the play equipment and was about to embark on a quick journey straight down the slide....he was sold!

Look out below!!

There were four of us Mumma's keen for our afternoon caffeine fix and sweet treat - coffees were pretty good and super reasonable at $3 each.  One mumma was partial to a hot chocolate which was proudly presented by the waiter - pride in making it with Italian chocolate :) There was a small selection of decadent cake options - some of which appeared to be from Jean Pascal which you can never miss!  I enjoyed a chocolate eclair (however the icing was a little runny for some reason which made the pastry a little soggy?!).  There was also a moderate range of pies and quiche available but seeing as we were there in the late afternoon I wouldn't have expected much more to be available.

kiss biscuit, chocolate eclair, raspberry friand

Outside in the playground area there was a large picnic table and some smaller tables that were occupied - we weren't keen to sit too far away from the play equipment (our little ones are far too fearless at the moment to be left alone!) so the staff brought us out a table from inside which was great (as we proceeded to each grab a chair).  The play equipment was very kid friendly and not too large (which can = dangerous!).  There was plenty of space for a good run around and a set of swings at the opposite end to the equipment. 

All round the Rivulet Cafe certainly was a pleasant surprise.  A safe and enclosed playground, cafe section with a good range of light bites at very reasonable prices, and all the child friendly features we love (including colouring-in books with pencils available) make it a great destination for family, friends and mum's (also Dad) group catch-ups.  For us being able to sit outside with our little ones was a huge plus and felt like you could have been at any cafe (not necessarily in a religious setting).  And our little ones looked simply exhilarated as they ran around freely and explored every possible aspect of the play equipment and open space......can't ask for much more than that :)  

Expert Supervision!

Love Mumma Al x


  1. Great Review Al. Check out those little spunks in the photos!!

    1. Thanks Adele! We certainly have some adorable little men in our lives :) xx


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