Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bream Creek Show

A great day (albeit rather tiring as we continually tried to catch our extremely enthusiastic little man!) was had today at the Bream Creek Show!

Above are a few pics of our time there :) 

Love Mumma Al xx 

(PS - and Doo-Lishus had a stall there.......delicious Berry Doo-Lite and Berry Dream were thoroughly enjoyed!)

Did you go to the Show......?


  1. I took my family too, but we were lucky enough to get there early and miss that dreadful lineup of cars. Great day though - I loved the pumpkins too, and have a very similar photo.

    1. Would you believe Melissa that the line up of cars was when we arrived at 10am! I thought we would have beat the rush but obviously was not!

      The pumpkins are certainly impressive, year round soup I imagine!

      Cheers, Al x

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