Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pop Cafe - Revisited

Pop Cafe has been on our mind lately......we have been hankering to try their Pop Dogs!  Not only because they are bratwurst sausages (Mumma Kel and I are always partial to a good old bratwurst) but because they are poached in a beer broth and then grilled in an 'authentic' way (not good I imagine for days when you are counting calories however!!). 

We headed to Pop Cafe in our lunch-break (this time we were bubba free and back into the part-time workforce) with Pop Dogs on our mind!  We had arranged to meet our lovely friend G there with her gorgeous baby girl.   After an initial hello in the cafe G picked up her little bundle from the pram for a cuddle only to realise any mumma's worst cafe ooze soaking through from the nappy region onto an adorable outfit and into the pram!!!  Thankfully Pop Cafe had a change table (one of only a few cafes in town that provides one) so we all scurried to assist in between ordering our lunch.

Once the initial disaster was resolved and lunch ordered we were able to sit back and catch-up. Our Pop Dogs came out pretty quickly - a 'danish dog' for Kel (crispy fried onions, pickles, dijionnaise & havart cheese) and 'relish dog' (tomato relish, caramelised onion & tasty cheese) for me (each $9.50). They were certainly a decent size - I did manage to eat mine whole while Kel was more 'lady-like' and cut hers in half before consuming.  Each 'dog' was equally delicious however the onion base on my dog was probably not the best choice for a work lunch!  Kel and I also enjoyed chocolate shakes - cold & ice-creamy, just the way we like it - yummo!  If you are keen for a 'healthier' option for lunch G opted for the soup of the day which she enjoyed served with hot pressed bread.

Once again Pop Cafe was a great kid friendly option for lunch...pram access, highchairs and a change table (which this time proved invaluable) as well as tasty food, friendly and efficient service in a cafe that's in the center of town :) 

Love Mumma's Al & Kel xx


  1. I really want to go to this cafe but whenever I go down to Hobart on the weekend, (I'm from Launceston)it's closed!! Very disappointing :(

    1. Oh Jess we feel your pain :( It is a shame they are only open Mon-Fri. There are some other great child-friendly cafes around Hobart though that are open of a weekend - Ginger Brown, Jam Packed Cafe, the Cupping Room, Machine Laundry Cafe, Island Espresso....have you tried any of these?

      We are thinking of heading up north soon for a weekend - any good cafe suggestions in Launceston? Al x

  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I really liked Machine Laundry Cafe but haven't tried the others...yet!!
    My Launnie suggestions are:
    I love Fresh Cafe on Charles St, Vegetarian food but only one high chair and limited pram space. But lovely service and food.
    Amelia at Larc is also lovely service and has the unique concept of BYO lunch, but again limited pram space and no high chairs. But within walking distance of city park, so I usually get take away.
    Cube Aqua, which is at the aquatic centre is great, high chairs and plenty of pram space. They also have a Cube Cafe at the seaport. Nice coffee and meals at both.
    I always get good service at these places so I hope they live up to my thumbs up!!
    PS Looking forward to trying the Cupping Room, always get distracted by Bubble Tea on the way to it though!

    1. wow Jess thanks for all the tips on great places to go in Launceston! I think we will have to head up there sooner rather than later :)

      what is the Tailrace Center like?!? It gets loads of air time down here on the TV...

      I am yet to try a Bubble Tea! Often wonder what they are like but I get distracted on a mission for either a latte or iced-chocolate at other cafes!

      Let us know when you try out another one of the cafes we have reviewed, we love getting feedback :)

      Happy long weekend! Al x

  3. I love Pop Cafe as an option with our kids. Friendly service, lots of great kid friendly choices and the BEST burgers!
    I've been up to the tail race centre - we didn't end up eating in the cafe but the play centre is fantastic - outshines anything we have in Hobart.
    I'm not sure if you've mentioned it before as I haven't read back through all your posts yet, but (back in Hobart) Muffin Munchies are pretty kid friendly too - no toilet facilities, but plenty of room for a pram at the two tables in the foyer area outside the cafe, a high chair and colouring-in stuff. Plus lovely friendly staff and great muffins!

    1. Hi Mel B! Great to see you back here :)

      Yeh Pop is a great spot indeed in the city, I am yet to try a burger there but have heard they are pretty good! I would be keen to have a look at the tailrace center as have heard it has great kid-friendly facilities, can't go wrong with a play center in a cafe :)

      Is Muffin Munchies the little muffin cafe on Collins Street in the arcade?! If so then yes that is a great spot with delicious muffins (I was there on a weekly basis when I was pregnant with severe muffin cravings!!)

      Let us know where else you try out? Have you been to Pizzarazzi yet?!

      Cheers, Al x

  4. I've never been to the tailrace centre, just the park, it's good. Bubble Tea is good,I had to try a few before I got one I liked. Green Apple with Lychee Balls. My partner loves it so it's a treat for him after all the shopping!

    1. You have convinced me Jess to give Bubble Tea a go! Sounds yummo!!

      Al x


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