Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Island Espresso

Location: 171 Elizabeth Street, Hobart
Phone: (03) 6231 3317
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm; Sat 9am - 2pm

Kids menu: No
Adult menu: Brunch and lunch options: eggs benedict, chili and coriander scrambled eggs, french toast with poached peppered pears, granola and fruit bread are a few of the tasty brunch options; lunch options include beef burgers, fritters, grilled chicken fillet burgers and an anti-pasto plate to name a few
Prices: Brunch $6 - $13.50; Lunch $9.50 - $16; Coffees $3 - $4; tea for one $4;  iced chocolate/coffee and milkshakes $4.50 - $6

Mumma Review

Brunch was again the order of the day and this time we headed to Island Espresso on Elizabeth Street.  We were keen to sample their goodies after hearing on the good old Hobart grape-vine that it was a good inner-city child friendly cafe.  We arrived not long after 9am and the place was already busy will inner-city workers enjoying breakfast and coffees, as well as patrons keen for a take-away caffeine fix. 

There are numerous seating options - down and upstairs seating with both tables/chairs and some comfy couches on each floor plus a cute retro courtyard out the back.  Pram access is good but both doors did need to be opened into the cafe - opened today promptly by a friendly staff member.  Once inside, there is room for a couple of prams at a table, but not much more.

Service was friendly and efficient and the staff are accommodating towards little ones.  We  were discretely asked if a marshmallow was allowed with the babycino, which is always nice and much appreciated.  A tasty eggs benedict (loaded with fresh rocket which made it seem slightly healthier) and a delicious french toast with poached peppered pears and mascapone (enjoyed by one pregnant Mumma Kel) were enjoyed while our friend opted for the healthy choice of fruit toast.  The coffee's were smooth and satisfying. 

Mumma Kel's little boy was kept amused with the toys on offer; colouring in books and pencils, and a toy coffee machine with which he busily set to the task of making everyone at our table a drink.

Island Espresso is however one of those places where as long as little people are strapped into a pram, highchair, or sitting still at the table all is well, but as soon as they try to venture off there are lots of little objects and hazards dotted around, particularly the steep stairs.  Even the most well behaved toddler can have a moment like this:  "Yes, I am sitting up at the table nice and neatly...but I just might swap chairs.  Oh, what's this?  A fire poker!"
Island Espresso was a great spot for brunch and is in a convenient location close to the CBD.  Whilst they were friendly and accommodating to us with kids it does have a few hazards (steep stairs without a rail, fire place with poker, books and goodies in baskets all within toddler eye level/reach) but if you can manage to distract your little ones from wanting to explore these exciting objects then it is a great find.

Love Mumma's Al & Kel xx

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