Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Babycino Keep Cup


When one of our facebook friendlies sent us this photo of an extra small, very cute babycino "keep cup" that she purchased on a trip to Melbourne we decided that we wanted one too, so we sent Mumma Al to Melbourne pronto!  Not really, it was a lucky co-incidence that Mumma Al was on a (pre-planned) weekend away in Melbourne and spotted one of the cute cups. Handy for takeaways, or preventing those inevitable breakages.

We decided that you might like one too, so we are excited to offer one as a prize in our first giveaway!  Details to follow soon :)  

Love Mumma's Kel and Al x


  1. Yep! Start of a new year means give-aways on Mumma Needs Coffee!! Something every Mumma needs :)


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