Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ball and Chain Grill

Location:  87 Salamanca Place, Hobart
Phone:  (03) 62232655
Opening hours:  5.30pm til 10pm for dinner, lunch every day except Sat

Kids menu:  Small size adults meals, steak, sausages, fish or chicken, with chips
Adult menu:  Steak, steak, and steak.  They also do some pretty nice sounding game, poultry, and seafood dishes.
Prices:  Steaks range from $20 up to about $50
Kids activities:  On request 
Babycino:  Not on menu, but they will usually do them on request

Mumma review

Hubby, bub and I met with a group of our family and friends for dinner at the Ball and Chain Grill on a Saturday night.
On opening the menu I got a giggle out of the vegetarian options; looks like you can choose from salad and veggies, or veggies and salad!  But one does not come to the Ball and Chain looking for a vegetarian meal.  No.  One comes here for a juicy steak, and their steaks are super tasty, cooked on the charcoal grill; your choice of cut, size, sauce, and cooked to your liking.  All with salad bar. There are quite a lot of other options on the menu, but to be honest I have never eaten anything other than steak here, and no-one from our party of 8 adults ordered anything but steak, so I can't really comment on the other options.

As for the kid friendly aspects of the place there is good pram (and wheelchair) access into the restaurant, but if you are taking the pram to the table it might be wise to book a spot which is easy to get to with a pram.  It gets pretty busy, so manoeuvring around the full tables can be tricky.  It's also advisable to book a highchair if you need one.
The restaurant has a laid back but noisy atmosphere.  Great for drowning out the shrieks of an excited toddler up past their bed time!  They also seem to have millions of wait staff on the floor, so service is generally quite quick.
When I asked our waitress if they had any kids activities I got the response that I seem to be coming across quite often "Sometimes.....I'll see......." then no more is mentioned of it.  Luckily I managed to find a few stray crayons and paper in my bag for bub to colour in while we all enjoyed our meals.

After our mains bub was kept amused doing a round of everyone at our table, having a hug and chat, until settling his attention on the only childless male in the group uncomfortable with the close proximity!  Bub didn't mind, and showered him with kisses, all the while being enthusiastically encouraged by the girls down that end of the table.  All this activity enabled me to savour a sneaky piece of baked cheese cake in peace :) Very yummy.

While the rest of our group stayed back to enjoy our old favourite pastime (another round of drinks) hubby and I choofed off home with bub where bedtime stories and nigh nigh's awaited us.

Love Mumma Kel x

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