Monday, 19 December 2011

Sandy Bay Wood Fired Pizza

Location: 7a Beach Road, Sandy Bay
Phone: (03) 6225 0019
Website: No
Opening Hours: 7 days a week - Tuesday to Saturday 4pm - 10pm; 
Sunday to Monday 4pm - 9pm

Kids menu: No
Adult menu: Traditional and gourmet pizza's - all the old faithfuls as well as smoked salmon & brie, thai chicken curry, wallaby mettwurst, huon specialty mushroom, greek spinach & fetta, and child, brie & asparagus.  Pizza breads as well as salads available.  Apple crumble pizza & raspberry and marshmallow melt are the indulgent dessert pizzas on offer.  Gluten free pizza's and soy cheese also available
Prices: Traditional - small: $13.50 - $16.50, large: 16.50 - $20; gourmet - small: $15.50 - $16.50, large: $19 - $20; pizza breads $5 - $5.50; salads $5.50 - $7, dessert pizzas $9.50 - $13.50, gluten free $3 extra, soy cheese $2 extra

Mumma Review 

If you are looking for a quick, tasty, and relatively healthy take-away or dine-in experience with your little ones then Sandy Bay Wood Fired Pizza has what you are looking for.  Located in Lower Sandy Bay at the Beach the pizza shop attracts a faithful crowd of regulars (our family included).  We recently enjoyed an early week-day dinner (5.30pm to be precise) with buba in tow who appeared rather excited at the prospect of leaving the house after 5pm!

Service is efficient and friendly.  The pizza's are delicious - favorites of ours include smoked salmon & brie, huon specialty mushroom, chicken brie & asparagus and the mexican chicken special which was our pizza of choice on this particular night - yummo!  Whilst there isn't a specific kids menu the options available would suit most kids (to their delight I am sure).  Our boy however didn't get the satisfaction and instead enjoyed some baked beans and toast brought from home as he sat on our lap while we waited for our meal.  Perhaps once he is a little older he will enjoy the pizza experience!

The place is small however with designated seating available outside as well as on the beach or foreshore the options are really unlimited when it comes to dining out with your family over the summer.  There is also the Sandy Bay Boat Park right nearby which would be perfect for little ones to burn off some excess energy before heading home to bed.  Overall a great spot to head to during the warmer months and enjoy some time outdoors with your family (as well as enjoying tasty pizza!).

Love Mumma Al x

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